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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Most Common Reasons for Not Having Health Insurance in United States

There is an old saying “Health is wealth” which is hundred percent correct. Until you won’t be having good health you cant work and cant earn. As a healthy body bears a healthy mind and when mind will be healthy you will be able to asses the circumstances and can make wise decisions.  That will have good impact on your financial life that depends on your health.

It’s better to have health insurance in order to coup any future health problems. Because those can put heavy burden o your pocket. But in United States there are large numbers of people who are living without health insurance. These numbers are increasing day by day due of economic conditions.

There are several reasons that large number of people in United States is not having health insurance.

The reasons are:

1. High Monthly Premiums

High monthly premiums are one of the most common reasons for not having health insurance in America. People usually don’t opt to get health insurance in order to save money for their other expenses.

As the economy is going down and majority of people is facing debt problems. So that makes it hard for them to get the health insurance policy.

2. Losing a Job

Second most common reason is losing the job. When people will lose their jobs it will become hard for them to pay high monthly premiums for health insurance. After losing a job a person always looks first to take care of basic needs. When there wont be enough monthly how a person will pay his/her health insurance monthly premiums.

3. Employers Don’t Offer Health Insurance

Though not all employers do that but there are many employers who don’t offer health insurance. Getting health insurance individually in order to secure the family regarding health matters is so much expensive. A low income worker cannot afford that if the employer is not offering the health insurance to its workers.

4. Young Adults

There are large numbers of young adults who don’t have the health insurance policy. It’s because when they got adult they got out of the parents health insurance policy. Now they can’t get health insurance by themselves until they won’t get the well paying job!

Consequences of Not Health Insurance

Consequences of not having health insurance can be dreadful. Because people will not go to doctors when they will get sick and it can increase death rate in United States.  It’s because without health insurance it’s hard for people to afford doctors and medical treatment.

Healthy nation means more progress and development. There should have to be some serious plan of action regarding health insurance. So the common people can get at least basic coverage.