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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top 5 Insurance Companies of United States

Insurance companies are having pretty much similar mechanism of providing different insurance policies all around the world. An insurance policy’s basic purpose is to protect your future losses whether those are in your business or in personal life!  Business of insurance companies is to sell different type of insurance policies. The people who buy these policies after buying pay premiums and sign a contract.

If any mishap happen to the client then it’s obligatory for the insurance company to provide the coverage.

There are so many insurance providing companies in United States but we had compiled a list of top rated insurance providing companies in United States. This list is compiled according to the services which different insurance companies provide to their customers. It’s not on the basis of premium rates!

Here are the top rated insurance companies of United States:

1. The Hartford

The Hartford is an old insurance providing company with and excellent track record. This insurance providing company had maintained a very good financial standing through out its history. This is the reason that they provide excellent coverage to their clients. The insurance policies which this company offers are:

  • Auto insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

The Hartford had observed the biggest disasters like civil war, Chicago Fire, San Francisco Fire, Earthquake in the history of United States. It had settled all the claims in best manner.

2. Allstate

Though some controversial things about this company but still its rated as number two. There were some problems regarding company’s claim settlements and it was protested against. If you tend to purchase insurance policy from this company then read the terms & conditions of the policy carefully! This company wide range of insurance policies from auto, life, home insurance to commercial insurance.

3. MetLife

The most sensitive and risky insurance policies are life and health insurance. Because both are unpredictable and company who provide these is always doing a critical deal. But MetLife insurance providing company haves excellent track record regarding health and life insurance policies.

MetLife insurance company is doing insurance business worldwide. And its global presence and good financial position makes it one of the top insurance companies of United States.

4. GMAC Insurance

GMAC insurance company is one of the world’s oldest auto insurance companies. This company was started in 1939. This company haves the privilege to insure oldest cars of the world.  GMAC insurance company is the perfect insurance company for your automobile. GMAC insurance company is top auto insurance company in United States.

5. State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance Company is a top company in United States and also in Canada for providing property insurance policies. This company was established in 1922. If you are having large property then you will get so many great deals from this company. State Farm Insurance Company provides policies not only for disasters coverage but also for small property damages. They are having wide range of indemnity contracts that they provide to their clients.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Auto Insurance Quotes

There are different automobile companies with different automobile insurance policies or quotes. Doing little research about different car companies, the prices of their different insurance cover and aspects of auto insurance covered, can save you a lot of money. Usually vehicle owners never bother to find quotes of different auto insurance companies and always choose the first vehicle protection policy which comes their way. If you do little search about vehicle insurance policies, you can find reduced premium rates, and this will save you hundreds of dollars annually.

Insurance rates differ because of the amount of the risk a motorist is willing to cover and from one jurisdiction to another. Quick car quotes helps you to have general idea of what you are actually paying for and also you knows that how much a particular insurance policy comes to in total. The good way to compare insurance quotes is obtaining quick car protection quotes from different vehicle insurance companies, this help you to choose a suitable policy at a reduced and convenient price.

You can do online search for insurance quotes there are lots of websites that provide quick coverage quotes and quote comparison services online. For that you will have to fill out a form which will be having some basic information about yourself, your car and driving experience. Mostly information required by the websites that offers car insurance quotes is your name, age, marital status, gender, driving experience, car model, value, age, mileage, accidents if any and the type of motor insurance cover which you are looking to take.

Its fast and easy to obtain quick insurance quotes. One thing more the websites which offer the car insurance quotes online are not necessarily auto insurance companies, but are affiliated to one. Online quick insurance quotes will help you to choose a suitable car insurance policy to adopt from a wide range of policies out there.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Car Insurance for Minors

Everyday many accidents occur in United States and in most of those accidents teenage drivers are involved. Car insurance under 21 year’s old driver basically provides financial protection. Teenagers are having worst driving record. It’s because they are young, enthusiast and immature. This thing makes it essential to have car insurance for your teenagers. Aside from that it’s your social responsibility also to get the car insurance for your teen kids.

Different states are having different requirements for car insurance under 21 year’s old drivers. Most of states requirements for driving learner’s permit vary from ages 14 to 17. Exact age requirements you can easily check on your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) websites.  Some insurance companies provide insurance coverage for teenage drivers with learning permit but many don’t.

There are various factors, which make car insurance for minors important. It gives coverage to your investment on the car. It will cover medical expenses if any accident happens and backs you up financially for any accident related court case. But always remember that it depends on the car insurance policy if it haves those insurance coverage options or not. So it’s important that you search about that before getting car insurance for your teenage kid.

Before going to shop auto insurance for your teenage kid you must know the minimum amount of insurance your state requires.

Usually auto insurance companies are having high teen boy rates insurance. Reasons for high premiums for teenage car insurance are that they are high risk drivers. Teen boy           rates insurance from 14 to 17 years of age, you will have to pay high premiums. But after 18 years of age it will start lowering down. It’s pretty hard to get cheap or discount insurance for minors.

There are certain things that can get you discount insurance for your teen. If your car is registered on your name instead of your kid then you will get discount insurance. While if its registered on your teenage kid’s name then it will cost you high premiums. It will be best if you buy inexpensive car for your teenager. This will make it easy for you to get the cheap auto insurance.  As in such condition, car insurance company will need you to have only liability coverage. You can also get the discount insurance for minors if you raise the deductible, which you will pay. Higher deductible will lower the premiums for car insurance under 21 year’s old drivers.

There are various auto insurance companies who offer cheap auto insurance for good students. If your kid is good in studies and maintain good grades in school or college then you can get low-cost auto insurance for your teenager.

Car insurance for minors is having many benefits also; it provides you financial security in case of any accident. There is no doubt in that auto accidents always cost so much that it can bring your bank account down to zero. Even a minor accident costs in thousands, while paying for any physical or car damages to someone else or of your own. That’s where your auto insurance for teenager comes into play. It helps you to deal with such emergency situations.

On whole car insurance for minors is expensive but it’s obligatory. Before you buy auto insurance for your kid do search about various insurance companies. Compare their quotes and also look for the hidden charges. You can do this online via internet and also by visiting insurance company offices. Ask your friends or family members who already got the car insurance for their teen kids. This will help you to get the financially suitable auto insurance for your kid.

It’s your moral and legal responsibility to get the car insurance for your minors. As no one knows about the future, so it’s better to take precautionary measures before any mishap happen. It not only protects your kid and car but also protects the other drivers on road.