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Saturday, December 10, 2011

ATE: After the Event Insurance

Before choosing any kind of insurance policy for yourself, carefully review all its merits and demerits. This will save you from the later disputes. After the event insurance is helpful but you need to consider all the terms and policies that are associated with it.

ATE or after the event insurance protects the people who commits the crimes and are taken to the court proceedings. This is type of insurance is given such name because it is purchased after any event that somehow triggers litigation. There is another kind of insurance which is in contrast with it, BTE. It is before the event insurance that is purchased in order to get protection from the legal charges if the case is taken to the court. Before the insurance, is generally built in many insurance policies.

After the Event Insurance Policy

If somebody had purchased this type of insurance and he or she is taken to the court for some reason, this helps him in a way that the insurance company writes an after the event insurance policy according to which the company is responsible for all the legal charges and court fees. In the case, if the client wins then his opponent party in some cases would have to pay the fees and other charges that at times also include the premium for ATE. In the either case, if the client loses, the company pays the fees and required charges on his behalf.  Normally the premium for after the event insurance gets due after the conclusion of a particular case.


Typically, the premium for after the event insurance is due after the conclusion of the legal case. The clients, who win the cases, don’t have to pay the cost of premium. The party who loses the cases submits these fees just like the legal charges. If a client loses, the insurance policy may include a clause which insures the premium, so the client will not have to pay it.

Guidance of Lawyer

Attorneys generally ask their clients to purchase after the event insurance. It is because they are compensated even if they fail to win the case. If you are having a plan of purchasing this insurance, you must consult a lawyer. He will guide you and will give you the suggestions about the usage of this insurance. He will also tell you about its suitability and effectiveness after reviewing the scheme.

Insurance Policies

All the insurance policies don’t offer after the event insurance. They normally go for reviewing the case and scenario after issuing you this policy. They do it because they need to know about the risk factors which are involved in its issuance. They also write the insurance policies which are specific to the particular situations. Therefore, f you purchase after the event policy, carefully evaluate it if it is suitable for you or not. Also check its effectiveness and coverage regarding your case. Also, ask them about the handling of the premium.

After the event insurance policy is helpful if we talk in general about it. But it is not needed by every person. It only benefits those who are somehow taken to the court. The attorneys also recommend their clients to purchase after the event insurance because even in the case of loss, the loss is compensated.